What is TSB?

crop-circleExtraterrestrials, shadow governments, bigfoot, ghosts…some believe wholeheartedly and can’t be swayed. Others think anything related to these topics is the biggest crock o’ shit on the internet. Let’s be honest, they’re both right in a way. But what about those people in the middle? That gray area where it seems possible but it hasn’t been proven…or unproven? Those who are skeptics, yet possessing enough of an open mind to believe there actually might me more to our world than we know? If you’re reading this—hopefully that’s you, and it’s why you’ve ended up here.

Skeptical Believers will help you weed through the piles of articles, evidence, and lore surrounding extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and fringe sciences. The goal is to provide accurate information about the unknown while weeding out the fake information provided by the attention whores of the internet.


We’ll review articles and evidence. We’ll provide explanations that validates or disproves claims.  And at times we’ll even have an idiot who hops on a motorcycle and travels to odd locations to provide people like you, the Skeptical Believers, with the information needed to make up your own mind on what is real, what is delusion, and what truly can’t be explained. Keep an open mind, enjoy the site, and feel free to contact us if you have suggestions, recommendations for topics, or just want to send good ol’ fashioned hatemail.

Keep it weird,

-The Skeptic