Deep State 101: What Is It?

The term ‘Deep State’ has made its rounds in conspiracy circles for years and years. And like UFOs and extraterrestrials–it’s found its way to the mainstream and is being thrown about with reckless abandon. So much so that it’s time to address a really, really, really stupid question.


What is the Deep State? And why do I care?

Historically the Deep State in the United States has referred to a hidden hand, a shadow Government, a select group of individuals who actually govern the country despite having elected representatives via democratic election. This group is not bound to the whims of either party, the wants of their constituents, or fear of the public repercussions of their actions. They are, in simple terms, the Government within the Government.

In what shouldn’t be news to anyone–President Trump’s rise to power and Presidency to date have been nothing short of a shock (whether good or bad is up to you, I’m not getting into politics.) From pre-inauguration to present day a consistent barrage of attacks has been launched to damage his credibility or, in today’s case, impeach him from office. In an effort to ensure a good crisis never goes to waste–a conspiracy around all of this has reared it’s head. President Trump wasn’t supposed to win the election, and his Presidency has caused panic among those who ‘truly run our nation.’ This has purportedly resulted in actions ‘included and set in motion by the deep state’ to subvert, and ultimately impeach, him.

Recently ex CIA front man John Mclaughlin made a comment in a CSpan interview where he ‘praised’ the action of the Deep State. In watching the exchange and hearing his tone–I have little doubt that the comment was meant in jest. However, there are an alarming number of networks and people who have grown to accept, and even praise, McLaughlin’s comments and the so-called ‘deep state’ for their actions against their perceived common enemy…in this case President Trump.

So what if there is a deep state?

It would mean our votes *never* really mattered.

It would mean our officials elected to represent the people’s will are nothing more than actors with no real power.

It would mean that our democracy of, by, and for the people was never really of, by or for us at all.

It would mean they’re your friend, right up until the time it doesn’t serve them to be.

Today they may be on your side. But tomorrow–it could just as easily be the beliefs that you hold dear in their sights. There’s no room for this kind of thinking and no safety in backing them; a small group with the ability to impose their will on an entire nation, with no control or recourse, is much more dangerous than any one person or party in our current democratic system.

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