Conspiracy 101

Ah, conspiracy theory. Nothing puts a smile on a person’s face like a tin foil hat and bunker full of supplies. But is there actually anything to the stories of hidden governments, lizard people, and secret societies that drive some of us to stay vigilant and prepare for the unthinkable?

According to Michael Barkun, conspiracy theories view universe as governed by design and embodying three principles:

  • Nothing happens by accident
  • Nothing is as it seems
  • Everything is connected

Sounds good and simple, doesn’t it? Well according to Barkun there is another common feature; conspiracy theories evolve to incorporate whatever evidence exists against them. This evolution and incorporation into the theories causes them to become unfalsifiable, turning the ability to believe into matter of faith rather than one of proof.

So what does this all mean? It means with all of the information and evidence in the world you likely still won’t be able to sway a believer. But a man can try, right? Check out our collection of Conspiracy Theory pages, dive down that rabbit hole, and draw your own conclusions.