Bigfoot, the Moth Man, the Loch Ness Monster…you’d thibigfoot-riding-nessienk when the camera was invented that each of these could have been put to bed. But for some reason the more technology has advanced the further we’ve gotten away from discovering the truth. For every individual that provides fact, evidence, and justification there’s another who can provide just as compelling an argument to debunk it. With 7 billion people on the planet armed with 6.8 billion mobile phones…you’d think at least one could snap a picture or video of something that looks like more than a blurry piece of shit. But alas, we aren’t there yet. 

sherlocknessWhile no one can definitively say whether or not cryptids are real and cryptozoology is just, well, zoology…we can at least provide some background and fact on which evidence is real, which is bogus, and which is from someone who just did too much acid. Check out the links to the right and see what you think.